How Embedded Computers Affect Our Daily Lives

Published: 27th May 2011
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When people think of computers they often think about the personal computers that they use in their day to day lives. The desktop and laptop computers that have changed the way the world communicates. While these computers are certainly important, there is another type of computer that might play an even bigger role in the world today that often goes overlooked. This computer is known as an embedded computer.

An embedded computer is a small computer that is given one or a small handful of tasks to complete over and over. Embedded computers are given this one task and then placed inside an enclosed device with other hardware and mechanical parts to create the electronic devices that we love so much today. Without embedded computers, many of the world’s greatest technologies would not exist today.

Some common examples of products that utilize embedded computers include MP3 players, GPS devices, digital watches, traffic lights, and even nuclear power plants. As you can see, embedded computers have a huge impact on our daily lives, and many people do not even think about these special kinds of computers.

Other products that utilize embedded computers that play a major role in our society are medical computers. These special machines use computer parts to help the medical world. Items such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, breathing monitors, x-ray machines, CT scanners, and MRI machines all make use of embedded systems in their medical computers. If medical computers did not exist modern day medicine as we know it would completely different, and many people would not be able to receive the medical attention that they need. Medical computers are essential to diagnosing certain diseases and ailments, which in turn allow licensed doctors to treat your illness.

Besides enhancing our daily lives in many different ways, embedded computers offer another benefit to us as consumer. Since an embedded computer is only given one or a small number of tasks, engineers can fine tune and optimize an embedded computer to make it smaller and run more efficiently. When engineers are able to do this they can often reduce the costs associated with producing a certain embedded computer and even make it possible for the embedded computer to be easily mass produced. This helps lower the cost of an electronic device and allows for improvements of a certain technology.

While many people are familiar with their home computers whether it is a desktop or a laptop, there is another type of computer that is just as, if not more, important to society. This computer is known as an embedded computer and serves many different functions. The embedded computer makes it possible for us to enjoy our favorite electronic devices such as MP3 players, GPS devices, and video game consoles. Also, embedded computers have revolutionized the medical industry, allowing us to take x-rays and CAT scans when we are sick to determine exactly what is wrong with us, so we can receive the proper treatment. Without embedded computers our society would be a very different place.

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